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July 1967, Vol. 7, No. 3



Verle Rue Seed, 1903-1967        330
Henry Weihofen, Joe W. Wood


Rate Regulation—Oil and Gas Pipeline Companies—Rejection of "Normalization" of Taxes       331
William J. Flittie

Licenses—Restricting Private Rights in Public Resources        339
Joseph L. Sax


Conservation Decision-Making: A Rationalization          345
Ronald Beazley

Benefit-Cost Analysis and the National Oceanographic Program          361
James A. Crutchfield, Robert W. Kates, W. R. Derrick Sewell

Megalopolis: Resource Conserver or Resource Waster?         376
Joseph J. Spengler


Commercial Law—Uniform Commercial Code—Section 2-609: Right to Adequate Assurance of Performance          397
Ralph D. Smith

Contracts—Consideration—Subcontractor Bidding          407
John M. Wells

Juries—New Trial—Discovery of Juror's Disqualification or False Answer on Voir Dire as Ground for New Trial         415
William G. Gilstrap

Oil and Gas—New Mexico Oil Conservation Commission—Findings of Fact         425
Theodore Parnall

Water Law—Legal Impediments to Transfers of Water Rights         433
Walter R. Parr

Witnesses—Privileged Communications—Physician-Patient Privilege in Workmen's Compensation Cases         442
Patrick W. Hurley


Crutchfield, James A., The Fisheries: Problems in Resource Management and Christy, Francis T. and Scott, Anthony, The Commonwealth in Ocean Fisheries          453
Douglas M. Johnston

Douglas, William O., A Wilderness Bill of Rights          456
Robert E. Beck

Johnston, Douglas M., The International Law of Fisheries         463
Albert E. Utton

Ruttan, Vernon W., The Economic Demand for Irrigated Acreage; New Methodology and Some Preliminary Projections, 1954-1980         466
Irving Hoch

Books Received        472