January 1968, Vol. 8, No. 1

Front Matter


Eminent Domain—Review of Route Selection Made by Public Utility Through Private Wildlife Refuge: Texas E. Trans. Corp. v. Wildlife Preserves, Inc., N.J. 261, 225 A.2d 130 (1966)        1
A. Dan Tarlock

The Pesticide Problem         11
Roland C. Clement

A Decade of Experience Under the Iowa Water Permit System—Part Two         23
N. William Hines

Diffused Surface Water: Scourge or Bounty?         72
Frank E. Maloney, Sheldon J. Plager


An Administrative Procedure Act for New Mexico          114
Timothy W. Glidden, Albert E. Utton

The Legislature          148
Denny O. Ingram, Jr.


Commercial Law—Banks and Banking—Partnerships—Right of Partners to Damages for Wrongfully Dishonored Parnership Checks: Loucks v. Albuquerque Nat'l Bank, 76 N.M. 735, 418 P.2d 191 (1966).          169
Charles Wesley Daniels

Commercial Law—Uniform Commercial Code—Sale of Goods: Foster v. Colorado River Co., 381 F.2d 222 (10th Cir. 1967).          176
Ronald F. Ross

Commercial Law—Uniform Commercial Code—Security Interests in Livestock: Clovis Nat'l Bank v. Thomas, 77 N.M. 554, 425 P.2d 726 (1967).         183
Thomas H. Emmerson

Land Use Planning—New Mexico's Green Belt Law: N.M. Stat. Ann §§72-2-14.1 to 14.4 (Supp. 1976).         190
James D. Griffin


Babcock, The Zoning Game          198
Dennis Durden

Flawn, Mineral Resources: Geology, Engineering, Economics, Politics, Law          200
David B. Brooks

Haveman, Water Resource Investment and the Public Interest         202
Charles W. Howe

Books Received         206