April 1968, Vol. 8, No. 2

Front Matter


Weather Modification: Law and Administration        207
James N. Corbridge, Jr., Raphael J. Moses

Some Economics of Air Pollution Control         236
Thomas D. Crocker

Preservation Values in River Basin Planning         259
Roger Tippy

The Process of Making Good Decisions About the Use of the Environment of Man         279
Louis Hamill


Indian Industrial Development and the Courts          303
William C. Schaab

The Warehouseman vs. Secured Party          331
Mark B. Thompson III


Administrative Law—Inherent Power of Administrative Agencies to Reconsider Final Decisions: Kennecott Copper Corp. v. Employment Security Comm'n, 78 N.M. 398, 432 P.2d 109 (1967)          341
Wayne A. Smith

Jurisdiction—Long-Arm Statute—Doing Business—Commission of Torts: Blount v. T.D. Publishing Corp., 77 N.M. 384, 423 P.2d 421 (1966).          348
William C. Williams, Jr.


Clawson and Stewart, Land Use Information          359
George H. Hall

Cootner and Löf, Water Demand for Steam Electric Generation          365
Gilbert Bonem

Richardson, Forestry in Communist China         368
John A. Zivnuska

Books Received         371