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April 1969, Vol. 9, No. 2

Front Matter


The Control of Surface Mining: An Exercise in Creative Federalism       137
Fred P. Bosselman

Advocacy and Resource Allocation Decisions in the Public Sector         166
A. Myrick Freeman, III

Political Behavior and The Decision-Making Process In The Allocation Of Water Resources Between Recreational and Municipal Use        176
Roger E. Kasperson

The Political Implications of Migration to the Arid Lands of the United States         212
Dean E. Mann

Conflict Resolution Through the Multiple-Use Concept in Forest Service Decision-Making         228
Philip L. Martin


Frontland Taking—Backland Value          237
Joseph L. Droege


The New Mexico Bar Admission Loyalty Oath: A Study in Unconstitutionality          248
Charles Wesley Daniels

Country Regulation of Land Use and Development   266
Edward C. Walterscheid


The Miller Act In New Mexico—Materialman's Right To Recover On Prime's Surety Bond In Public Works Contracts—Notice As Condition Precedent To Action State ex rel. State Elec. Supply v. McBride, 79 N.M. 467, 444 P.2d 978 (1968)           295
Bruce Keith

Waiver—Right To Counsel—Certification of Juvenile To Criminal Proceedings Neller v. State, 79 N.M. 528, 445 P.2d 949 (1968)          310
John M. Kulikowski


Clawson, The Federal Lands Since 1956          319
George R. Hall

Johnson, History of U.S. Pipelines, 1906-1959          322
Leslie Cookenboo

Murphy, Governing Nature          325
James N. Corbridge, Jr.

Books Received       328