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October 1969, Vol. 9, No. 4

Front Matter


Scottish River Purification Boards        489
Fred H. Hubbard

Bringing Resource Conservation Into the Main Stream of American Thought         518
S. Blair Hutchison

Policy Planning and Organization for the Federal Marine Science Program          537
Thomas P. Murphy

Toward a Theory of Multiple Use: The Case of Recreation Versus Agriculture          561
Peter H. Pearse

Allocating Public Timber By Transferable Purchasing Quotas: A Policy Analysis          576
Dennis E. Teeguarden


The New Mexico Professional Corporation          591
Robert J. Desiderio, Hugh J. Ault, James W. Smith

Existing Legislation And Proposed Model Flood Plain Ordinance For New Mexico Municipalities          629
Edward C. Waterscheid, Wayne A. Smith, Albert E. Utton


Control of Industrial Water Pollution in New Mexico          653
Gregory Pease


Goor and Barney, Forest Tree Planting in Arid Zones          671
R. W. Behan

Kneese and Bower, Managing Water Quality: Economics, Technology, Institutions          673
Louis M. Falkson

Schultz, Economic Growth and Agriculture          677
Ralph d'Arge

Books Received       679

Index—Volume 9    681