January 1970, Vol. 10, No. 1


The Depletion Allowance Revisted        1
Paul Davidson

The Developing Economies, Tax And Royalty Payments By The Petroleum Industry, And The United States Income Tax        10
John F. Due

Crude Oil Prices, Drilling Incentives and the Supply of New Discoveries        27
Edward W. Erikson

The Combined Effects of Prorationing, The Depletion Allowance and Import Quotas on the Cost of Producing Crude Oil in the United States        53
Alfred E. Kahn

Oil Conservation, Producing Capacity, and National Security        62
Wallace F. Lovejoy

Distinctive Tax Treatment of Income From Oil and Gas Production        97
Stephen L. McDonald

The System of Government Subsidies to the Oil Industry        113
Walter J. Mead

Standards for the Administration of Criminal Justice        127
Howard C. Bratton


Attractive Nuisance—Liability of the United States for Accidental Drowning of Infant Trespassers in Middle Rio Grande Project Irrigation Ditches          137
John M. Eaves

Approaches to State Taxation of the Mining Industry         156
Robert L. McGeorge

Credit Bureaus and Consumers—Regulation and Remedy in New Mexico        171
Tom L. Popejoy, Jr.


Water Management Innovations in England, by Lyle E. Craine          188
Henry A. Raup

Tijerina and the Courthouse Raid, by Peter Nabokov          192
Robert W. Walker

The River Basin in History and Law, by Ludwik A. Teclaff        198
Albert E. Utton

Books Received         201