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July 1970, Vol. 10, No. 3


New Mexico's Efforts at Rational Taxation of Hard-Minerals Extraction        415
Anne K. Bingaman

The Background of the Doctrine of the Continental Shelf and the Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act        442
Robert B. Krueger

An Analysis of the Impact of An All Competitive Leasing System on Offshore Oil and Gas Leasing Revenue         515
John W. Sprague, Bernadette Julian

Water Resources Allocation, Extramarket Values, and Market Criteria: A Suggested Approach         532
Emery N. Castle, Herbert H. Stoevener

Public Problems and Non-Decision Making—A Study of the Tuscon Water System        545
John Adrian Straayer

Multiple Use Decision Making—Where Do We Go From Here?         557
R. S. Whaley

The Institutional Framework for Water Management in England and Wales        566
Bruce Mitchell

New Mexico's 1969 Criminal Abortion Law         591
Jonathan B. Sutin


Taxation of National Banks: A Novel Approach in the New Mexico Courts         615
Tom Dailey

Tribal Control of Extradition From Reservations          626
Douglas Nash

Public Accommodations in New Mexico: The Right to Refuse Service For Reasons Other Than Race or Religion        635
Vern John Williams, Jr.


Strategies of American Water Management, by Gilbert F. White          644
Jack L. Knetsch

Natural Resources Information for Economic Development, by Orris C. Herfindahl          647
Robert C. Lucas

Peaceful Uses of Nuclear Explosives: Some Economic Aspects, by David Brooks and J. V. Krutilla        650
L. J. Vortman

Memoirs: 1892-1969, A New Mexico Item, by William A. Keleher        652
Richard N. Ellis

Books Received        654