January 1971, Vol. 11, No. 1

Front Matter


The Use of the Corps of Engineers Permit Authority as a Tool for Defending the Environment        1
Don M. Castro, III

Water Rights-Problems in the Upper Rio Grande Watershed and Adjoining Areas         48
Robert Emmet Clark

The Ecology of the Political/Administrative Process for Wilderness Classification         69
Daniel H. Henning

A Measurement of the External Diseconomies Associated With Bituminous Coal Surface Mining, Eastern Kentucky, 1962-1967        76
Herbert A. Howard

Patterns of Politics in Water Resources Development        102
Helen Ingram

Petroleum in Perspective         119
Harry R. Johnson

Inverse Condemnation and Air Pollution        148
James M. Kramon

Military Requirements for International Airspace: Evolving Claims to Exclusive Use of a Res Communes Natural Resource         162
George S. Robinson


Legal Methods of Eliminating Certain Undesirable By-Products of the Air Transportation Industry          177
Wilmer R. Ticer


Dacy and Kunreuther, The Economics of Natural Disasters: Implications for Federal Policy          195
Christopher M. Doughty

Perloff and Wingo, Issues in Urban Economics          198
Henry L. Hunker

Craik, Environmental Psychology, New Directions in Psychology          200
Ralph D. Norman

Hartman and Seastone, Water Transfers Economic Efficiency and Alternative Institutions          202
S. E. Reynolds

A Selected Bibliography on Public Environmental Policy and Administration         205
Daniel H. Henning

Books Received         220