April 1971, Vol. 11, No. 2

Front Matter



International Law and Marine Pollution: Radioactive Waste and "Other Hazardous Substances"       221
E. D. Brown

Control of Estuarine Pollution         256
Jerome B. Gilbert, Ronald B. Robie

Amenities Rights—Parallels to Pollution Taxes         274
L. F. E. Goldie

Radioactive Waste and the Environment         281
Harold P. Green

International Control of Marine Pollution        296
Michael Hardy

The Externalities of a Torrey Canyon Situation: An Impetus for Change in Legislation         349
Henry J. McGurren

The Economics of Sewage Disposal in a Coastal Urban Area—A Case Study of the Monterey Peninsula, California         373
Gail Eric Updegraff


Davies, The Politics of Pollution and Vice Versa; Esposito, The Ralph Nader Study Group on Air Pollution          390
A. Myrick Freeman, III

Becker, Land and Building Taxes: Their Effect on Economic Development          394
Franklin Jones

Lodge, The Smoake of London: Two Prophecies          397
Frank C. Stuart

Books Received         399