October 1971, Vol. 11, No. 4

Front Matter


Residuals Management in the Pulp and Paper Industry        605
B. T. Bower, G. O. G. Lof, W. M. Hearon

Value Comparisons in Free Flowing Stream Development         624
Jack L. Knetsch

A Proposal For Participating in Natural Resource Development Starting With the High Seas         636
Daniel James Edwards

The Voluntary Abstention Principle and Japan: Some Legal and Political Implications         657
Toshio Nishi

The Economics of Vanishing Species         674
Frank T. Bachmura

Solving the Air Pollution Problem: A Social Scientist's Perspective         693
Paul B. Downing

Economic Policy For Water Resources and Placement Flows         714
Micha Gisser


The Need For a Noise Pollution Abatement Act         721
William H. Brogan


Smith, Conservation of Natural Resources          732
Daniel Henning

Mikesell, Foreign Investment in the Petroleum and Mineral Industries. Case Studies of Investor-Host Country Relations          733
John F. Due

Books Received         736

Index—Volume 11    738