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July 1972, Vol. 12, No. 3

Front Matter


Taxation and Water Pollution Control       307
T. A. Ferrar, Andrew Whinston

Strategies in Water Quality Control         318
William E. McFarland

Oral and Sealed Bidding, Efficiency versus Equity         330
Edward Miller

Airfield Noise Abatement in the Federal Republic of Germany         354
Thomas M. Zimmer, Wolfgang E. Burhenne

Model Water Resources Program for International Boundaries of the United States and Canada        388
Anita L. Morse

Discovered But Unproved Gas Reserves         413
L. C. Jacobsen

Determination of Optimal Capacity of Resource-Based Recreation Facilities         417
Anthony Fisher, John V. Krutilla

The Ground-Water Depletion Allowance Under the Federal Income Tax        445
Edgar S. Bagley


The Outlook for Water          467
Russell G. Thompson, James W. McFarland

Interbasin Transfers of Water: Economic Issues and Impacts          473
Bruce R. Beattie

Books Received        478