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October 1972, Vol. 12, No. 4

Front Matter



Editor's Note         479

The Water Quality Problem on the Colorado River        480
S. E. Reynolds

Mexican-American International Water Quality Problems: Prospects and Perspectives         487
César Sepúlveda

United States Approaches to the Salinity Problem on the Colorado River         496
David A. Gantz

Salinity in the Colorado River: International Aspects        510
Alejandro Sobarzo

The Colorado River: International Aspects         515
J. F. Friedkin

International Environmental Developments: Perceptions of Developing and Developed Countries        520
Alden Lowell Doud

United States and Mexico: Weather Technology Water Resources and the Law         530
Jay Ray Davis

Air Pollution Control on the United States-Mexico Border: International Considerations         545
Guillermo H. Dávila

Environmental Law: Air Quality Litigation in the El Paso-Juarez Area         551
John C. Ross

Sources of Atmospheric Pollution at the U.S.-Mexican Border         564
Joaqúin Telloz

International Legal Implications of Industrial Development Along the Mexican-U.S. Border        567
Bill Enríquez

Epilogue        578
Norman L. Gagne

Legal Aspects of Environmental Control in Mexico: An Analysis of Mexico's New Environmental Law         580
Julian Juergensmeyer, Earle Blizzard


A History and Interpretation of the Water Treaty of 1944          600
Kirsten J. Anderson


The Florida Oil Spill and Pollution Control Act, An Intrusion into the Federal Maritime Domain          615
Nicholas R. Gentry

Regulation of Wildlife in the National Park System: Federal or State?          627
Sandra Jo Craig


Regional Economic Development: The River Basin Approach in Mexico          634
Steve H. Hanke

Alaska Pipeline Report          637
Robert A. Childers

Books Received       641

Index—Volume 12    643