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July 1973, Vol. 13, No. 3

Front Matter


The Mandatory Oil Import Quota Program: A Consideration of Economic Efficiency and Equity       399
Charles J. Cicchetti, William J. Gillen

United States Oil Imports: Implications for the Balance of Payments         431
Helmut J. Frank, Donald A. Wells

Transmogrification: State and Federal Regulation of Automotive Air Pollution         448
Evelyn M. Angeletti

Changing an Anachronism: Congress and the General Mining Law of 1872         480
Perry R. Hagenstein

The European Community and Management of the Environment: A Dilemma        494
Wolfgang E. Burhenne, Thomas J. Schoenbaum

Evolution of the Law of the Seas—Destruction of the Pristine Nature of Basic Oceanographic Research         504
George S. Robinson


Federal Jurisdiction—Environmental Law—Damage Claims in Pollution Actions Brought Under Section 304 of the Federal Clean Air Act          511
Charles Anthony Shaw


Indian Law: The Pre-emption Doctrine and Colonias de Santa Fe         535
M. A. Matthews


Dams and Other Disasters          546
Paul B. Sears

The Closing Circle: Nature, Man & Technology          549
Paul B. Sears

Environmental Planning: An Economic Analysis         551
Ralph A. Luken

Economics of Fisheries Management: A Symposium        554
Gardner M. Brown

Books Received        556