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April 1974, Vol. 14, No. 2

Front Matter


Development of the Rio Grande Compact of 1938        163
Raymond A. Hill

Water Deliveries Under the Rio Grande Compact         201
S. E. Reynolds, Phillip A. Mutz

The Model Water Code, The Wise Administrator and the Goddam Bureaucrat         207
Frank J. Trelease

Toward A Psychology of Wilderness Experience        231
Neil R. Scott


Toward a Rational Future Energy Policy         239
Rolf A. Melkus

Tax Consequences and Distinctions Involved In the Sale or Lease of Oil and Gas Interests          257
Richard B. Gregory


One Problem With Using An Escrow to Deter Nationalization of Foreign Investment          271
William Darling

The Soviet-U.S. Environmental Protection Agreement          275
Weldon L. Merritt

A Rebuttal to "The Pre-Emption Doctrine and Colonias de Santa Fe"         283
Shirley Keith


International Law and Marine Archaeology, by H. C. Miller          293
George S. Robinson

Oil and the Outer Coastal Shelf: The Georges Bank Case, by William R. Ahern, Jr.          298
Channing R. Kury

Marine Pollution and Sea Life, edited by Mario Ruivo         300
Albert E. Utton

Abstraction and Use of Water: A Comparison of Legal Regimes, by Ludwik A. Teclaff         303
Albert W. Stone

God is Red, by Vine Deloria, Jr.         305
Channing R. Kury

Books Received        307