January 1975, Vol. 15, No. 1

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Editor's Note          1

Minute No. 242        2
International Boundary and Water Commission

International Problems of the Colorado River         11
Myron B. Holburt

Use of the Waters of the Colorado River in Mexico: Pertinent Technical Commentaries         27
Luis Cabrera

Legal Considerations, Interpretations and Projections of Minute 242         35
Juan Barona Lobato

Salinity Aspects of the Colorado River Agreement        43
H. E. Dregne

Salt Problem in the Colorado River         55
Norman A. Evans

Agriculture and Salinity Control in the Colorado River Basin         63
B. Delworth Gardner, Clyde E. Stewart

The Colorado River Salinity Agreement of 1973 and the Mexicali Valley         83
Dale Beck Furnish, Jerry R. Ladman

The Mexican Position: National and International Considerations         109
A. Gonzales-de-Leon

Politics in the United States and the Salinity Problem of the Colorado River         113
Dean E. Mann

Principal Economic Aspects of the Problem of Salinity of the Colorado River         129
Edmundo Hernandez Vela Salgado

A Theoretical Analysis of Minute         135
Allen V. Kneese

Conflict and Coalition: Political Variables Underlying Water Resource Development in the Upper Colorado River Basin         141
Dean E. Mann

Impact of Energy Development on the Law of the Colorado River         171
Gary D. Weatherford, Gordon C. Jacoby

Implications for the Future: Design of Viable International Institutions         215
César Sepúlveda

The Management of International Boundary Waters of Canada and the United States: A Comparative Study        223
Leonard B. Dworsky

Economic Magnitudes and Economic Alternatives in Lower Basin Use of Colorado River Water         229
William E. Martin

Books Received         240