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April 1975, Vol. 15, No. 2

Front Matter


Percentage Depletion and the Level of Domestic Mineral Production        241
Edward Miller

Comment on the Coal Lease Forfeiture Decision: The Hypothetical Case of United States v. Peabody Coal Co.         257
William H. Rodgers, Jr.

Resource Scarcity and New Technology in U.S. Petroleum Development        265
Richard B. Norgaard

Relative Prices, Technical Change, and Environmental Preservation        283
V. Kerry Smith

The Politics of Images: Forest Managers vs. Recreation Publics         297
Ben W. Twight, William R. Catton, Jr.

A Socio-Economic Evaluation of Alternative Water Management Policies on the Rio Grande in New Mexico         307
Robert R. Lansford, Shaul Ben-David, Thomas G. Gebhard, Jr., William Brutsaert, Bobby J. Creel

The Environmental Movement: What Might It Be?         327
Daniel H. Kohl


Common Law Remedies for Salt Pollution          353
William J. Darling

The Irrigable Acres Doctrine          375
Rebecca E. Wardlaw

Needed: A Ground-Water Treaty Between the United States and Mexico        385
Barbara G. Burman, Thomas G. Cornish


Modifying the Weather: A Social Assessment, edited by W. R. Derrick Sewell          405
Ray Jay Davis

Timber—Problems, Prospects, Policies, edited by William A. Duerr and Report of the President's Panel on Timber and the Environment (PAPTE), Fred A. Seaton, Chairman and The Outlook for Timber in the United States, U.S. Forest Service          414
Arnold W. Bolle

The Making of the TVA, by Arthur E. Morgan         419
Paul B. Sears

Man and Water, The Social Sciences in Management of Water Resources, edited by L. Douglas James         421
Allen V. Kneese