January 1976, Vol. 16, No. 1

Front Matter



The Culture of Participation in Environmental Decisionmaking          1
W. R. Derrick Sewell, Timothy O'Riordan

Citizen Participation: Practice in Search of a Theory          23
Norman Wengert

Who Participates: A Sociological Interpretation of Natural Resource Decisions          41
William R. Burch, Jr.

Policy Making and Environmental Management: Some Thoughts on Processes and Research Issues          55
Timothy O'Riordan

Legal Foundations for Public Participation in Environmental Decisionmaking          73
Alastair R. Lucas

Regressive Siting of Public Facilities          103
Julian Wolpert

Public Participation in Environmental Management: A Case Study         117
Paul Wilkinson

Conflict in Resource Management and the Use of Threat: The Goldstream Controversy         137
Colin J. B. Wood

The Role of the Public in Water Management Decisions in France          159
P. F. Teniere-Buchot

The Public Involvement Program in the Okanagan Basin Study          177
Jon O'Riordan

Some Observations on Alternative Mechanisms for Public Involvement: The Hearing, Public Opinion Poll, the Workshop and the Quasi-Experiment          197
Thomas A. Heberlein

Analyzing Public Input to Resource Decisions: Criteria, Principles and Case Examples of the CODINVOLVE System          213
Roger N. Clark, George H. Stankey


The Oil Security System, by Daniel H. Newlon and Norman V. Breckner          237
John F. Due

In Command of Tomorrow, by Sterling Brubaker          240
Paul B. Sears

Books Received         242