January 1977, Vol. 17, No. 1

Front Matter


The Iceberg Cometh: International Law Relating to Antarctic Iceberg Exploitation        1
Thomas R. Lundquist

Railroading the Army Engineers: A Proposal for a National Transportation Engineering Agency        43
Roger W. Findley, Bruce M. Hannon

An Economic Analysis of Transfer of Development Rights         44
David Berry, Gene Steiker

Reservoir Management and the Water Scarcity Issue in the Upper Colorado River Basin          81
R. G. Cummings, J. W. McFarland

Federal Jurisdiction Over Producer Sales in the State of Production          97
J. Richard Tiano

The Patrimonial Sea to the Rescue of the Gulf of California          113
Alberto Szekely


The Environment: An Agency-Court Battle          123
Shannon Carter


Clean Air Act Amendments of 1970—technological and economic infeasibility          139
Scott A. Taylor

Federal Water Pollution Control Act—technological and economic feasibility         145
Susan Wayland


The Land No One Knows          149
Paul B. Sears

By Bread Alone          152
Gerald Thomas

The Nuclear Impact          153
Morgan Sparks

EIS: Key to Environmental Impact Statements          155
Channing Kury

Books Received         156