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April 1977, Vol. 17, No. 2

Front Matter


Energy and the Colorado River        157
Jay C. Anderson, John E. Keith

Near Term Prospects for Solar Energy: an Economic Analysis         169
Shaul Ben-David, William D. Schulze, J. Douglas Balcomb, Roberta Katson, Scott Noll, Fred Roach, Mark Thayer

The Role of Spatial Relationships in Assessing the Social and Economic Impacts of Large-Scale Construction Projects          209
James E. Chambers

Investments for Urban Infrastructure in Boomtowns          223
Ronald G. Cummings, Arthur F. Mehr

The Federal Role in Rocky Mountain Energy Development         241
James L. Plummer

Resource Taxation, Tax Exportation and Regional Energy Policies          261
Robert D. Shelton, William E. Morgan

New Mexican Nationalism" and the Evolution of Energy Policy in New Mexico          283
Jay B. Sorenson, Rand Greenfield

Selected Welfare Implications of Rapid Energy-Related Development Impact          301
Allen Vander Meulen, Jr., Orman H. Paananen


EPA Without Authority to Regulate Nuclear Waste          325
Myra Lynch Clark

Report or Recommendation Necessary to Trigger EIS          329
Stephen D. Dillon

Geographic Cost-benefit Not Considered in EIS          333
A. Patrick Maynez

Wild Horses and Burros Act Preempts State Authority          337
Spencer Bert Atkins

Indian Pueblo Water Rights Not Subject to State Law Prior Appropriation          341
Rondolyn R. O'Brien


Farmers Investment Company v. Bettwy: a Judicial Restriction of Ground-water Withdrawals, Coercing the Arizona Legislature to Act          345
Clifford K. Atkinson


The Forest Service: A Study in Public Land Management          357
Charles F. Wilkinson

Books Received        358