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July 1977, Vol. 17, No. 3

Front Matter


Railroading the Army Engineers: A Proposal for a National Engineering Agency        363
Roger W. Findley, Bruce M. Hannon

Social and Economic Impacts of Foreign Investment In United States Land         377
Mason Gaffney

Evolution in the British Institutional Framework for Water Management          395
W. R. Derrick Sewell, Lorna R. Barr

Regulatory Policy-Making: Toward a Framework of Analysis         415
Paul L. Sabatier

Salinity Management Alternatives for Oil Shale Water Supplies          461
George E. Radosevich, Gaylord V. Skogerboe, David B. McWhorter, Wynn R. Walker

Higher Education, the Church, and Environmental Values         477
Richard A. Bauer, Jr.

Prolegomena to Conservation: A Fisheye Review          493
Channing Kury


The Federal Water Pollution Control Act Amendments of 1972          511
Scott A. Taylor, Susan Wayland

Delegation of Legislative Authority on the State Level; Environmental Protection in New Mexico          521
S. Bert Atkins


A National Policy for the Environment: NEPA and Its Aftermath          529
Lynton K. Caldwell

Studies in International Environmental Economics          532
Ralph C. d'Arge

Structure and Properties of a Wilderness Travel Simulator: An Application to the Spanish Peaks Area         536
Anthony Scott

Interbasin Water Transfers, a Case Study in Mexico          540
Gunter Schramm