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July 1978, Vol. 18, No. 3

Front Matter


Federal Mining Policy: The General Mining Law of 1872        461
Gary D. Libecap

Indian Lands Environment—Who Should Protect It?         465
J. Kemper Will

The Tuna-Porpoise Dilemma: Is Conflict Resolution Attainable?        505
Stephen O. Anderson, Robert C. Anderson, Barbara J. Searles

Water Law Problems of Solar Hydrogen Production         521
Melvin M. Eisenstadt

Petroleum Legal and Licensing Procedures in the North Sea and Some Associated International Problems         545
Paul Milner

Water Policy and Water Institutions in Northern India: The Case of Groundwater Rights        569
Terrence S. Veeman

Principles for International Groundwater Law         589
Dante A. Caponera, Dominique Alhéritière


Noise Pollution: Attempted Federal Control of Airplane Noise          621
Christina Ortega Morris

Pueblo Indian Water Rights: Who Will Get the Water? New Mexico v. Aamodt          639
A. Patrick Maynez


New Mexico Supreme Court Upholds Validity of State Electrical Energy Tax          659
Scott A. Taylor

Standards of Adequacy for an EIS for Off-Shore Leasing          667
William Moyers

Emission Standards—Quantification and Liability         675
Sigrid Olson

Intervention as It May Affect an Environmental Settlement Agreement         679
Barbara G. Stephenson


Water Pollution Control          689
Henry M. Peskin

The Unsettling of America: Culture and Agriculture          693
Channing Kury

Administering Agricultural Developing in Asia: a Comparative Analysis of Four National Programs         696
George E. Radosevich

Books Received       701