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October 1978, Vol. 18, No. 4

Front Matter


Political-Economic Problems of Energy—A Synthesis       703
Walter J. Mead

International Oil         725
M. A. Adelman

Oil Imports: Is Any Policy Possible?         731
James W. McKie

Federal Energy Resource Leasing Policy         747
Stephen L. McDonald

The Role of Coal: Problems and Policies         761
Reed Moyer

Oil Shale—A New Set of Uncertainties         775
John J. Schanz, Jr., Harry Perry

The Political Economy of Crude Oil Price Controls         787
Edward W. Erickson, William L. Peters, Robert M. Spann, Paul J. Tese

An Economic Analysis of Gasoline Price Controls        801
Robert Deacon

Energy Conservation Policies         815
Allen V Kneese

Taxation and the Political Economy of the Energy "Crisis"         825
Gerard M. Brannon

Protecting Energy Turf: The Department of Energy Organization Act         845
Daniel M. Ogden, Jr.

Free Entry Into Crude Oil and Gas Production and Competition in the U. S. Oil Industry        859
Russell O. Jones, Walter J. Mead, Philip L. Sorensen

Energy Prices and the U. S. Economy, 1972-1976         877
Edward A. Hudson, Dale W. Jorgenson


The Continuing Problem of Nuclear Waste         899
Robert Muehlenweg

Clean Air Act Provisions Extended to the Outer Continental Shelf          903
Frances Bassett

New Standards for Strip Mining: Social, Economic and Environmental Costs Now Considered         909
Linda Bonnefoy


Tennessee Valley Authority v. Hill: Protection of Endangered Species under Section 7 of the Endangered Species Act of 1973         913
Larry Ausherman

Commerce Clause Limitations on a State's Regulation of Waste Disposal          925
Charles L. McElwee

Proposed Rules for Administering the Acreage Limitation of Reclamation Law         933
Nancy Jones


Ground and Surface Water in New Mexico: Are They Protected Against Uranium Mining and Milling?         941
Kathleen Kennedy Townsend


Future Strategies for Energy Development—A Question of Scale          963
Allen V. Kneese

The Political Economy of the Oil Import Quota          965
James W. McKie

Coal in the U. S. Energy Market         967
F. Larry Leistritz

Where We Agree—A Report of the National Coal Policy Project         969
Reed Moyer

Index—Volume 18    973