January 1979, Vol. 19, No. 1

Front Matter



Constitutional Principles Applied to Land Use Planning and Regulation: A Tentative Restatement         1
Norman Wengert

Evaluating Alternative Compensation and Recapture Techniques for Expanded Public Control of Land Use         21
David E. Ervin, James B. Fitch

Land Use Planning for the Public Lands         43
Paul J. Culhane, H. Paul Friesema

Power Plant Siting: A Literature Review         75
Michael S. Hamilton

Landownership: A Status of Facts         97
Gene Wunderlich

A Review of Governmental Policies and Techniques for Keeping Farmers Farming         119
John C. Keene

Rural Land Use Control in Great Britain         145
Michael Carroll

Growth Mangement Update: An Assessment and Status Report         161
David J. Brower, James H. Pannabecker


Supreme Court Rejects Water as a Locatable Mineral for Federal Mining Claims        183
Lee Peters

Initial Geothermal Activities Held Not to Require an EIS         187
David N. Whitham

President Carter Announces Water Policy Initiatives        191
Francesca J. MacDowall

Deadline for Achieving BPT Upheld         197
Juan J. Baca

Limitation on Compensation for Victims of Nuclear Accidents Upheld         201
David N. Greer

California A. G. Opines: California's Nuclear Legislation Unconstitutional         207
Vickie Gabin

NEPA and the Mexican Marijuana Eradication Program         213
Ann Stromberg

Some Non-essential Aerosol Propellant Uses Finally Banned         217
Howard Thomas

Hunting Regulations Held Constitutional         221
Kevin J. Bliss

Judicial Review of a Revision to Nevada's SIP is Deferred Until Final Action by EPA Administrator        225
Ellen Kelly


Freight Rates May Discriminate Against Recycled Materials         229
Martin D. Porter


International Rivers: The Politics of Cooperation, by David G. LeMarguand and Environmental Effects of Complex River Development, by Gilbert F. White          234
Albert E. Utton

The Limits of Altruism, by Garrett Hardin          238
Michael McGuire

Pollution and Policy, by James E. Krier and Edmund Ursin         240
Paul B. Downing

Conservation and Economic Efficiency: An Approach to Materials Policy, by Talbot Page         243
Nathaniel Wollman

Books Received         247