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April 1979, Vol. 19, No. 2

Front Matter


The Hazards of Our Hazardous Waste Policy         249
William Goldfarb

Federal Land Management Policy and the Drive to Develop an Alternate Energy Source, Geothermal Energy: Shall the Twain Ever Meet?         261
Jack McNamara

Energy Production and Water Resources in the Colorado Basin         275
David Abbey

Oral Auction Versus Sealed Bids: An Emirical Investigation          315
Ronald N. Johnson

Models for the Evaluation of Public Participation Programmes         337
W. R. Derrick Sewell, Susan D. Phillips

Social Assessment and Resource Policy: Lessons from Water Planning          359
Gregory A. Daneke, Jerry Delli Priscoli


Anti-Nuclear Sentiment Makes Itself Felt        377
Edward Ricco

Validity of Claims Under Alaska Native Claims         381
Larry M. Kasen


Important Victory Won for Historic Preservation          385
Alexandra Zavelle Levine

Coastal States Have Control of Coastal Resources         393
Christopher G. Lackmann

Environmental Considerations in Federal Oil and Gas Leasing on Outer Continental Shelf          399
Howard Thomas

Conservation, Lifeline Rates and Public Utility Regulatory Commissions         411
James Noble, Jr.

The Forest Service, NEPA and Clearcutting          423
Andrea L. Smith

Reserved Water Rights and Our National Forests          433
Heidi Topp Brooks


Geotherman Energy: Problems and Shortcomings of Classification of a Unique Resource—A Look at Problems with Water Law, with Particular Emphasis on New Mexico          445
Ruth Musgrave Silver, Stephen P. Comeau


Solar Law, by Sandy F. Kraemer          460
James L. Merrill

Iceberg Utilization, A. A. Husseiny, Ed.          462
Thomas R. Lundquist

Resources for an Uncertain Future, Charles J. Hitch, Ed.          464
Richard R. Baer, Jr.

Analysis for Residuals—Environmental Quality Management: A Case Study of the Ljubljana Area of Yugoslavia, by Daniel J. Basta, James L. Lounsbury, and Blair T. Bower          467
William Schulze

Environmental Improvement Through Economic Incentives, by Fredrick R. Anderson, Allen V. Kneese, Phillip D. Reed, Serge Taylor, and Russell B. Stevenson         469
William D. Carson

Books Received       472