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July 1979, Vol. 19, No. 3

Front Matter


Clean Air Act Amendments of 1977        475
Pete Domenici

Environment and Energy, Implications of Overloaded Agendas         487
Richard N. L. Andrews

Debate Within and Debate Without: NEPA and the Redefinition of the "Prudent Man" Rule         505
Sally K. Fairfax, Barbara T. Andrews

Air Quality Issues and Approaches in the Southwest         537
Allen V. Kneese, Michael D. Williams

Options for Controlling Non-Point Source Water Pollution: A Legal Perspective         587
D. L. Uchtmann, W. D. Seitz

Current Legislation and Practice of Compulsory Recycling: An International Perspective         611
David S. Zalob

Transboudary Ground Water Pollution: Survey and Trends in Treaty Law         629
Ludwik A. Teclaff, Eileen Teclaff


Brantley v. Carlsbad Irrigation District: Limits of the Templeton Doctrine Affirmed         669
Deborah S. Grout

Corps' Texas Cooper Lake and Channels Project Halted        673
Stephen K. Bowman

Environmental Financing Litigation         679
Gail Gottlieb Minturn

Liability Without Fault Under the Federal Water Pollution Control Act       687
Beatriz Valadez-Ferreira

New Mexico Water Pollution Regulations and Standards Upheld          693
David N. Whitman

Oil Tanker Regulation: A State or Federal Area?          701
Robert Muehlenweg

The State and Federal Quandary Over Billboard Controls         711
Frances Bassett Romero

Wild Horses Off Private Lands         721
Martin D. Porter


Federal Indian Burden of Proof Statute: 5th Amendment Due Process Considerations          725
Larry M. Kasen

Spilling Oil May be Hazardous to Your Wealth          735
Richard L. Puglisi


The Steady State: A Combined Review & Commentary, Managine the Commons, by G. Hardin and J. Baden, Eds., Beyond Growth: Essays on Alternative Futures, by W. Burch and F. H. Bormann, Eds., Toward a Steady State Economy, by H. Daly, Ed., Exploring New Ethic          753
Paul B. Sears

California Water, A New Political Economy, by Merrill R. Goodall, John D. Sullivan, and Timothy de Young          756
Gary Weatherford

To Feed This World: The Challenge and the Strategy, by Sterling Wortman and Ralph W. Cummings, Jr.         758
Gerald W. Thomas

And the Desert Shall Rejoice: Conflict, Growth and Justice in Arid Environments, by Arthur Maass and Raymond L. Anderson         760
Gary D. Libecap

How Industrial Societies Use Energy: A Comparative Analysis, by J. Darmstadter, J. Dunkerley, and J. Alterman         762
Helmut J. Frank