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October 1979, Vol. 19, No. 4

Front Matter


The National Energy Conservation Policy Act: An Evaluation         765
Lee Schipper, Jack M. Hollander, Mark Levine, Paul P. Craig

Public Utility Regulatory Act of 1978: Electric Utility Rate Reform         787
Paul L. Joskow

The Natural Gas Policy of 1978         811
Paul W. MacAvoy

Producer Regulation and the Natural Gas Policy Act of 1978          829
Robert R. Nordhaus

The Energy Tax Act of 1978         859
Stephen L. McDonald

Powerplant and Industrial Fuel Use Act of 1978—An Economic Analysis          871
Richard L. Gordon

The Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act Amendments of 1978         885
Russell O. Jones, Walter J. Mead, Philip E. Sorenson

An Analysis of the Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act Amendments of 1978          909
Robert B. Krueger, Louis H. Singer


Laches Bars Environmentalists' Challenge        929
Heidi T. Brooks


Endangered Species Act Amendments          933
Ann Stromberg

International Whaling Commission Regulations and the Alaskan Eskimo         943
Kevin J. Bliss

Access to Sunlight: New Mexico's Solar Rights Act          957
Deborah Grout


Tribal Power to Tax Non-Indian Mineral Leases          969
Jim Noble


Coastal Waters, A Management Analysis, by J. Armstrong and P. Ryner          996
R. W. Johnson

American Energy Choices Before the Year 2000, E. Bergman, H. Bethe and R. Marshak, Eds.          998
James H. Scott, Everet H. Beckner

Selected Water Issues in Latin American Agriculture, by P. Crossen, R. Cummings and K. Frederick, Eds.         1000
Albert E. Utton

Protecting the Human Environment: Procedures and Principles for Preventing and Resolving International Controversies, by A. Levin          1002
Ludwik Teclaff

Unpaid Costs of Electrical Energy: Health and Environmental Impacts from Coal and Nuclear Power, by William Ramse          1004
David A. Gulley

Review and Recollection, Related to Resource Economics: Selected Works of Orris C. Herfindahl, David Brooks, Ed.          1006
Mason Gaffney

Books Received        1011

Index—Volume 19   1013