January 1980, Vol. 20, No. 1

Front Matter


Dedication—Robert Emmet Clark

Letters of Greeting
Allen V. Kneese, Cesar Sepulveda, Leonard B. Dworsky, Frank E. Maloney, Ludwik A. Teclaff

National Water Policy in the Wake of United States v. New Mexico        1
Richard A. Simms

Congressional Quantification of Indian Reserved Water Rights: A Definitive Solution or a Mirage?         17
Charles DuMars, Helen Ingram

Aboriginal Water Rights         45
James L. Merrill

Navajo Water Rights: Pulling the Plug on the Colorado River?         71
William Douglas Back, Jeffrey S. Taylor

Considerations and Conclusions Concerning the Transferability of Indian Water Rights         91
Jack D. Palma II

Recent Developments in the Northwest Regarding Indian Water Rights         101
Robert D. Dellwo

Res Judicata: Will it Stop Instream Flows From Being the Wave of the Future?    121
Harold A. Ranquist

Evaluating Alternative Compensation and Recapture Techniques for Expanded Public Control of Land Use: A Comment         153
Johan B. W. Schölvinck


In-stream Use Appropriation Application Precluded         159
Joel Jasperse

Deep Seabed Mineral Resources Act          163
Cheryl Hein Johnston

Fair Market Value of Oil and Gas Leases in Forced Pooling Area Established by Terms and Prices Paid in the Area         169
Maureen McGuiness

Site-Specific EIS Ordered but Injunctive Relief Denied in Nuclear Waste Storage Case         173
Sandy Barnhart y Chavez


Clearing the Muddied Waters          179
Stephen K. Bowman

Supreme Court Denies Extension of Federal Regulation of Natural Gas Producers          187
Lee Peters

Mineral Rights and Surface Rights Under the Doctrine of Accretion         199
M. H. Schwarz


Natural Resources Commodities—A Century of Statistics, Robert S. Manthy          204
Nathaniel Wollman

Marine Mining of the Continental Shelf: Legal, Technical and Environmental Considerations, Michael S. Baram, David Rice, and William Lee          206
Louis H. Singer

Pioneer Conservationists of Western America, Peter Wild         208
Channing Kury

The Economic Structure and Behavior in the Natural Gas Production Industry, Joseph P. Mulholland         209
Stephen L. McDonald

Coal and Crisis: The Political Dilemmas of Energy Management, Walter A. Rosenbaum         211
F. Larry Leistritz

Environmentalism, T. O'Riordan         213
Terry D. Edgmon

Books Received          215