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April 1980, Vol. 20, No. 2

Front Matter



Introduction          217
Robert Cameron Mitchell

Class Politics or Democratic Reform: Environmentalism and American Political Institutions        221
Richard N. L. Andrews

Patterns of Environmental Conflict Over Industrial Facilities in the United States, 1970-78         243
Thomas N. Gladwin

The Soft, Cutting Edge of Environmentalism: Why and How The Appropriate Technology Notion is Changing the Movement         275
Denton E. Morrison

The Deep Ecology Movement        299
Bill Devall

Whither Environmentalism? The Future Political Path of the Environmental Movement         323
Frederick H. Buttel, Oscar W. Larson III

How "Soft," "Deep," or "Left?" Present Constituencies in the Environmental Movement for Certain World Views         345
Robert Cameron Mitchell


New Mexico State Engineer Issues Order on Mine Dewatering         359
Kathleen Watson

Is a Winter-Only Drilling Restriction a Suspension of Operations and Production Under 30 U.S.C. §209?          363
Peter F. Lindborg

Mineral Leasing Act of 1920: Environmental Standards Set By Departmental Regulations         367
Thomas F. Blueher

Uranium In-situ Leaching Project Held Not to Require EIS         371
Susan J. Brown


Sinking Fortunes: Texas Remedies for Victims of Land Subsidence         375
Joanne C. Reuter

Monopolization of Public Lands or Necessary Liberalization of Exploration Laws?         387
Marikay Lee-Martinez


Texas v. New Mexico: The Pecos River Compact Litigation        395
Marilyn O'Leary


The World Copper Industry: Structure & Economic Analysis, R. Mikesell          411
Albert M. Church

Simulation of Recreational Use for Park & Wilderness Management, M. Schachter and R. Luca          413
J. Beaman

The Morality of Scarcity: Limited Resources & Social Policy, Finnin and Smith, Eds.         415
Donald C. Lee

Agrarian Structure and Productivity in Developing Countries, R. Berry and W. Cline         417
Melvin D. Skold

Economic and Fiscal Impacts of Coal Development: Northern Great Plains, J. Krutilla and A. Fisher with R. Rice         419
Thomas F. Stinson

Energy Conservation and Economic Growth, C. Hitch, Ed.         421
Lee Schipper

National Parks: The American Experience, A. Runte         423
Henry A. Raup

Books Received         425