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July 1980, Vol. 20, No. 3

Front Matter


State Liability for International Environmental Degradation: An Economic Perspective          427
Ralph C. d'Arge, Allen V. Kneese

International Law and Natural Resources Policies          451
Richard B. Bilder

Environmental Policy Making: Liability for Externalities in the Presence of Transaction Costs          487
Peter J. W. N. Bird

The Environmental Movement: Fulfillment of the Renaissance Prophecy?          501
Stuart L. Hart

Adjustment Issues of Impacted Communities or, Are Boomtowns Bad?         523
David S. Brookshire, Ralph C. d'Arge

The Incidence of an American Oil Severance Tax Under World Pricing by OPEC: A Note          547
Stephen L. McDonald

Evaluating Alternative Compensation and Recapture Techniques for Expanded Public Control of Land Use: A Reply to Dr. Schölvinck         551
David E. Ervin, James B. Fitch


Ecological Aspects of Agricultural Policy        555
David Pimentel, Susan Pimentel

Freeway Impact on Agricultural Policy         587
Robert H. Schmidt, Jr.

The Oregon Agricultural Protection Program: A Review and Assessment       603
Owen J. Furuseth


Superfund Proposed to Clean Up Hazardous Waste Disasters         615
Carol L. Anderson


Protection of the Means of Groundwater Diversion          625
Kevin J. Bliss

New Mexico's Mine Dewatering Act: The Search for Rehoboth         653
Gail Gottlieb

A Practitioner's Guide to the Federal Color of Title Act        681
M. H. Schwarz


International Management of Tuna, Porpoise and Billfish: Biological, Legal, and Political Aspects, J. Joseph and J. Greenough          697
Stephen O. Anderson

Evaluation in Environmental Planning: Assessing Environmental, Social, Economic, and Political Trade-offs, Donald M. McAlister          700
Gordon L. Brady

Voices for the Earth: A Treasury of the Sierra Club Bulletins, 1893-1977, A. Gilliam, Editor          702
Albert E. Utton

The Efficient Use of Energy Resources, William D. Nordhaus and Energy Future: Report of the Energy Project at the Harvard Business School, Robert Stobaugh and Daniel Yergin, Editors          703
F. J. Anderson

The Benefits of Environmental Improvement: Theory and Practice, A. Myrick Freeman III          706
Peter Bird

Land and Leisure: Concepts and Methods in Outdoor Recreation, 2d Ed., C. S. Van Doren, G. B. Priddle, and J. E. Lewis, Editors          708
Kent B. Downing

Books Received         710