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October 1980, Vol. 20, No. 4

Front Matter



Stormwater Runoff Control: A Model Ordinance for Meeting Local Water Quality Management Needs        713
Frank E. Maloney, Richard G. Hamman, Bram D. E. Canter

Water Pollution Control by Agreement: The French System of Contracts         765
Peter Harrison, W. R. Derrick Sewell

Integrated River Basin Planning in a Holistic Universe         787
Gunter Schramm

United States Reclamation Policy and Indian Water Rights         807
H. S. Burness, Ronald G. Cummings, W. D. Gorman, R. R. Lansford

Fishery Economics: An Introduction and Review        827
Edward R. Morey

Nonneutral Features of Energy Taxation         853
William E. Morgan, Dennis Olson

Taxation of Electricity Generation: Economic Efficiency and Equity Bases for Regionalism Within the Federal System         877
Pham Chung, Albert Church, Channing Kury


Constitutional Limits on State Severance Taxes          887
Frances C. Bassett

An Outline for Development of Cost-Based State Severance Taxes          913
Lee Peters

Mining Law: Annual Assessment Work, New Directions; The Need to Include Antiquities Surveys         933
Alexandra Zavelle Levine


Equipment Depreciation Considered in Oil and Gas Lease Termination          943
Celia Foy Castillo


Promethean Ethics: Living With Death, Competition, and Triage, Garrett Hardin          947
Paul B. Sears

Inter-regional Water Transfer: Problems and Prospects, G. Golubev and A. Biswas          949
W. R. Derrick Sewell

The Benefits of Flood Alleviation, Edmund C. Penning-Roswell and John B. Chatterton          951
Bernard J. Roth

Pollution, Politics, and International Law: Tankers at Sea, R. Michael M'Gonigle and Mark W. Zacher          953
Ludwik A. Teclaff

Yellowcake: The International Uranium Cartel, June H. Taylor and M. D. Yokell          955
Channing Kury

Can Organizations Change?, D. Mazmanian and J. Nienaber          956
Terry D. Edgmon

Books Received         958

Index—Volume 20    961