January 1981, Vol. 21, No. 1

Front Matter


Reasonable Groundwater Pumping Levels Under the Appropriation Doctrine: The Law and Underlying Economic Goals       1
Douglas L. Grant

Technical and Financial Policy Options for Development Forestry        37
George M. Guess

Update on Oregon's Agricultural Protection Program: A Land Use Perspective         57
Owen J. Furuseth

The Endangered Species Act and the Search for Balance         71
Winston Harrington

Coastal State Taxation of OCS-Produced Natural Gas        93
David P. Manuel

Outdoor Recreation and Access to Countryside: Focus on the Australian Experience        107
John J. Pigram

Coastal Energy Siting Dilemmas         125
Russell V. Randle


Navigable Water Not Always Subject to Free Public Access         161
Maureen McGuinness

Supreme Court Fails to Reach Inverse Condemnation Issue          169
Scott Hancock


Ban on Advertising Promoting Energy Usage Violates First Amendment          177
Jane Cohen

Federal Penalities Apply to Pollution of Intermittent Streams          181
Ann Wright

Oklahoma Industrial Waste Statute Held Unconstitutional        185
Mary Higgins


Deserts on the March, Paul B. Sears          189
Garrett Hardin

The Economic Value of the Quality of Life, Thomas M. Power          190
A. Myrick Freeman, III

Forest and Range Policy, Samuel T. Dana and Sally K. Fairfax        192
Marion Clawson

Green Goals and Greenbacks: State Level Environmental Review Programs and Their Associated Costs, Stuart L. Hart and Gordon A. Enk         194
Paul J. Culhane

National Energy Issues: How Do We Decide: Plutonium as a Test Case, R. Sachs, Editor         197
Richard T. Kennedy

To Choose a Future, R. Ridker and W. Watson, Jr.         199
S. Blair Hutchison

Books Received          201