January 1982, Vol. 22, No. 1

Front Matter


Reader Response        1
Kenneth P. Wilkinson

Evaluating Public and Private Approaches to International Solutions to Acid Rain Pollution         5
Karen A. Mingst

Access to Solar Energy: The Problem and Its Current Status         21
Melvin Eisenstadt

Intergenerational Equity as it Relates to Conservation and Coal Extraction Standards         53
R. P. O'Toole, A. L. Walton

The Law of International Aquifers         71
Robert D. Hayton

The Development of International Groundwater        95
Albert E. Utton

The Groundwater Legal Regime as Instrument of Policy Objectives and Management Requirements         119
Robert D. Hayton

The Problem of Maritime Boundaries in U.S.-Mexican Relations         139
Karl M. Schmitt

A Comment With the Mexican View on The Problem of Maritime Boundaries in U.S.-Mexican Relations        155
Alberto Szekely

Review of Treaties on Consumptive Utilization of Waters of Lake Victoria and Nile Drainage System        161
C. O. Okidi

The Allocative Impact of Mineral Severance: Implications for the Regulation of Surface Mining         201
James L. Huffman


Percentage Depletion Allowance Not Dependent on Duration of Lease Interest         239
Jay D. Rosenblum

Federal Water Pollution Control Act's Notice Requirement Liberally Construed          243
Jennifer Pruett

EPA Enjoined From Using Contractors to Inspect Emission Sources          247
Kim A. Griffith

Municipality's Aircraft Noise Control Ordinances Upheld         251
Raymond T. Van Arnam

No Search Warrant Needed for Unannounced Stone Quarry Inspections         255
John A. Stanley


Bureaucracy vs. Environment: The Environmental Cost of Bureaucratic Governance, John Baden and Richard L. Strong, Editors        259
Lynton K. Caldwell

Public Land Politics: Interest Group Influence on the Forest Service and the Bureau of Land Management, Paul J. Culhane          262
C. F. Runge

Clean Coal/Dirty Air, Bruce A. Ackerman and William T. Hassler          265
Gordon L. Brady

Coastal Aquaculture Law and Policy: A Case Study of California, Gerald Bowden         267
Sally K. Fairfax

The Socioeconomic Impact of Resource Development: Methods for Assessment, F. Larry Leistritz and Steven H. Murdock         270
Robert H. Schmidt

Water and Energy in Colorado's Future, Colorado Energy Research Institute        272
Roger L. Eldridge

Books Received         274