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April 1982, Vol. 22, No. 2

Front Matter


Reader Response        275
Dale E. Lehman

Managing the Public Lands: The Authority of the Executive to Withdraw Lands         279
David H. Getches

National Goals for Solar Energy: Economic and Social Implications         337
Roger H. Bezdek, Robert Wendling, Gerald E. Bennington, H. Richard Chew

Federal Tax Incentives Affecting Coal and Nuclear Power Economics         361
Duane Chapman

The Performance of Appropriative Water Rights Systems in the Western United States during Drought        379
Charles W. Howe, Paul K. Alexander, Raphael J. Moses

Energy Market Impacts of the Legal Definition of Geothermal Energy in the Western United States         391
Paul McDevitt, Del Wells

Reducing the Cost of Water Pollution Under the Clean Water Act         407
Marty Rothfelder


Federal Non-Reserved Water Rights: Fact or Fiction?          423
Gary King

New Mexico Statute Eliminates Previous Mining Law Discovery Work Requirements          433
David L. Matthews

No Federal Common Law of Nuisance for Water Pollution         441
Nancy R. Long

"Plain Meaning" Decision Clarifies Standard for Effluent Limitations         455
Susan Weckesser


Federal Acquisition of Waterfowl Production Areas Protected against State Laws Limiting Such Acquisition          467
Frank M. Bond

Employee Error or Dishonesty Not Grounds for Reinstating Federal Oil and Gas Leases          471
Robert D. Castille

Barge Owner Liable for Oil Spills Occurring While Barge Is Under the Control of Third Party Tugboat Operator         475
Donald C. Clifford

Federal Civil Penalty for Oil Leaks Constitutional Despite Owner's Due Care and Third Party Causation         477
Karen Harmon Griffith

Guaranteed Right of Access to Private Inholders of Land Within National Forest         481
Thomas E. Lilley

Insufficient Federal Involvement in Prison Acquisition to Require EIS         485
Arthur G. Olona

Oil Spill Cleanup Fulfills Aim of Federal Water Pollution Control Act         489
Melinda Silver

No Implied Private Right of Action Under NEPA         493
Nancy L. Simmons

EIS Need Not Discuss Infeasible Site Alternatives         497
Wendy E. York


The Economics of Environmental and Natural Resources Policy, John A. Butlin, Ed.          501
Richard C. Bishop

Economics, Ethics, Ecology: Roots of Productive Conservation, Walter E. Jeske, Ed.          503
Channing Kury

Taxation of Nonrenewable Resources, Albert M. Church         504
Robert B. Shelton

Imperfect Competition in the World Oil Market: A Computerized Nash-Cournot Model, Stephen W. Salant and The Impact of Oil Import Price Shocks on Domestic Prices, Robert A. Feldman         506
Stephen L. McDonald

Books Received       509