Natural Resources Journal

October 1982, Vol. 22, No. 4

Front Matter



A Manera de Introducción          729
Cesar Sepulveda

Introduction        731
Stanley Ross

Overview         735
Albert E. Utton

Human Growth and Settlements in the Border Area.
El Paso to Matamoros

Mexico's Northern Border: A framework of Reference          749
Francisco Alba

The Population of Texas Counties Along the Mexican Border          765
John Hedderson

La Planeación del Desarrolllo Urbano          797
Roberto Eibenschutz

Economic Growth Patterns in the Border Area

Economic Growth Patterns in the Texas Borderlands          805
Niles Hansen

Caracteristicas del Desarrollo Economico de la Franja Fronteriza Norte de Mexico          823
Edmundo Victoria Mascorro

Surface Water Supply and Future Demand

Disponibilidad de Aguas Superficiales y su Demanda Futura a lo Largo de la Franja Fronteriza Desde Ciudad Juarez Hasta Matamoros          847
Carlos A. Rincon Valdes

Water Availability in the New Mexico Upper Rio Grande Basin to the Year 2000          855
Brian McDonald, John Tysseling

Anticipating Transboundary Water Needs and Issues in the United States-Mexico Border Region          877
Neal E. Armstrong

Water—Its Role from Now to the Year 2000          907
Ernest T. Smerdon

Surface Water Quality

Surface Water Quality in the Border Area Between El Paso and the Gulf of Mexico          915
Gerard A. Rohlich

La Calidad de las Aguas del Bajo Rio Bravo          925
Francisco Oyarzabal

Groundwater and Geothermal Resources

Aguas Subterraneas en la Region de Jaurez-El Paso          939
Carlos A. Rincon Valdes

Growth of the Municipal Water System in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico          943
William J. Lloyd

Groundwater Resources of the Texas Rio Grande Basin          957
Randall J. Charbeneau

Transboundary Geothermal Resources of Texas and Mexico          973
Christopher D. Henry, Robert A. Morton

Recursos Geotermicos en la Frontera Noroccidental          991
Juan Eibenschutz

Groundwater Management: Future Prospects and Needs

Comentarios a los Leyes e Instituciones que Reglamentan las Aguas Superficiales de Mexico          999
Francisco Oyarzabul

Overview of Groundwater Law and Institutions in United States Border States         1007
Robert Emmet Clark

Texas Groundwater Law: A Survey and Some Proposals          1017
Corwin W. Johnson

California Groundwater Management: The Sacred and the Profane          1031
Gary Weatherford, Kim Malcolm, Barbara Andrews

New Mexico Water Law: An Overview and Discussion of Current Issues          1045
Charles T. DuMars

Principles for Transboundary Groundwater Pollution Control          1065
Ludwik A. Teclaff

Institutional and Planning Opportunities and Alternatives

Los Recursos Hidraulicos en la Zona Fronteriza Mexico-Estados Unidos - Perspectiva de la Problematica Hacia el Año 2000—Algunas Recomendaciones          1081
Cesar Sepulveda

An Assessment of the Management of U.S.-Mexican Water Resources: Anticipating the Year 2000          1093
Albert E. Utton

Experiencia en el Manejo de Recursos de Agua Compartidos Entre Mexico y Estados Unidos: Problemas, Oportunidades y Recomendaciones Para El Futuro         1119
Edmundo Victoria Mascorro

Institutional and Planning Opportunities and Alternatives: A Commentary         1125
Leonard B. Dworsky

U.S.-Mexico Experience in Managing Transboundary Air Resources

Transboundary Air Quality: Problems and Prospects from El Paso to Brownsville         1133
Howard G. Applegate

Problemas y Perspectivas de la Calidad del Air en la Frontera          1141
Enrique Tolivia

U.S.-Mexico Experience in Managing Transboundary Air Resources: Problems, Prospects, and Recommendations for the Future          1147
C. Richard Bath

A Discussion of U.S.-Mexico Experience in Managing Transboundary Air Resources: Problems, Prospects, and Recommendations for the Future          1169
Howard G. Applegate


Profitability and Appropriative Water Rights: Strange Bedfellows in Equitable Apportionment          1175
Joanne E. Angel


International Dimensions of the Environmental Crisis, Richard W. Barrett, Editor          1181
Graham A. MacDonald

Explorations in Natural Resource Economics, V. Kerry Smith and John V. Krutilla, Editors          1184
F. J. Anderson

Energy, Economics, and the Environment: Conflicting Views of an Essential Interrelationship, Herman E. Daly and Alvaro F. Umana, Editors and Energy, Economics, and the Environment: Toward a Comprehensive Perspective, Gregory A. Daneke, Editor          1186
Jon P. Nelson

Soil Conservation Policies, Institutions, and Incentives, Harold Halcrow, Earl Heady, and Melvin Cotner, Editors         1189
Owen J. Furuseth

Books Received          1191

Index—Volume 22    1193