January 1983, Vol. 23, No. 1

Front Matter


Comment: The El Paso Case        ix
Albert E. Utton

Reader Response         1

The Requirement of Beneficial Use as a Cause of Waste in Water Resource Development         7
Stephen F. Williams

Prior Appropriation, Impairment, Replacement, Models and Markets         25
William C. Schaab

Reasonable Groundwater Pumping Levels Under the Appropriation Doctrine: Underlying Social Goals         25
Douglas L. Grant

Climatic Change and Fisheries Management         77
Richard Frye

Conservation Aspects of the Fishery Conservation and Management Act and the Protection of Critical Marine Habitat         97
Langdon S. Warner

The Problem of Market Failure         131
Alan Randall

The Economic Benefits of Preserving Visibility in the National Parklands of the Southwest         149
William D. Schulze, David S. Brookshire


Conflict Among the Circuits: Who May Conduct Inspections Under the Clean Air Act?          175
Nancy L. Simmons


Federal Preemption Prevents States From Interfering with Local Government Airport Proprietor          191
Raymond T. Van Arnam

Expansive Reading of Property Clause Upheld          197
Jennifer Pruett Loehr

Indian Reserved Water Rights Doctrine Expanded         205
Frank M. Bond

Supreme Court Opens Door to More State Revenues from Mined Resources        213
Karen L. Jennings

Reasonable EPA Projection Techniques for Estimating Technological Advances Upheld         219
John A. Stanley

Nuclear Power Plant Licensing—Jurisdiction to Consider Foreign Impacts         225
Melinda Silver

Regulatory Jurisdiction Over Indian Country Retail Liquor Sales         239
Thomas E. Lilley

The Swank Decision: Economic Interest in Coal Not Dependent on Lease Terminability        247
Jay Rosenblum

Ninth Circuit Rules That Disclaimer States Lack Jurisdiction Over Indian Water Rights Under the McCarran AmendmentNinth Circuit Rules That Disclaimer States Lack Jurisdiction Over Indian Water Rights Under the McCarran Amendment         255
Kurt Sommer


Pesticide Test Data: A Limited Property Interest          269
Janice Paster

Tenth Amendment Not Violated by Requiring Local Governmental Compliance With the Clean Water Act         273
Nancy R. Long


Catastrophe or Cornucopia: The Environment, Politics, and the Future, Stephen Cotgrove          277
Paul B. Sears

Indian SIA: The Social Impact Assessment of Rapid Resource Development on Native Peoples, C. Geisler, R. Green, D. Unser, and P. West, Eds.          279
Stephen J. Wall

Keepers of the Game: Indian-Animal Relationships and the Fur Trade, Calvin Martin          281
Fred L. Ragsdale, Jr.

The Politics of Wilderness Conservation, C. Allin          284
John D. Foster

Books Received         286