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April 1983, Vol. 23, No. 2

Front Matter


Practicably Irrigable Acreage and Economic Feasibility: The Role of Time, Ethics, and Discounting        289
H. S. Burgess, R. G. Cummings, W. D. Gorman, R. R. Lansford

State Energy Policymaking         305
Allan Fitzsimmons

Efficiency and Equity Implications of Alternative Well Interference Policies in Semi-Arid Regions         323
Edward D. Lotterman, John J. Waelti

Federally Required Restoration of Surface-Mined Property: Impasse Between the Coal Industry and the Environmentally Concerned         335
Carol D. Rasnic

Resource Location Patterns and State Severance Taxes: Some Empirical Evidence        351
James A. Richardson, Loren C. Scott

The Environmental Aftermath of Warfare in Viet Nam         365
Arthur H. Westing

Oil and Gas Royalty Recovery Policy on Federal and Indian Lands         391
Russell Davis, James E. Wilen, Rosemarie Jergovic

Oil and Gas Royalty Recovery Policy on Federal and Indian Lands: A Response         417
Donald T. Sant, Abraham E. Haspel, Robert E. Boldt

Royalty Management in the New Minerals Management Service: A Reply to Sant, Haspel, and Boldt         435
Russell Davis, James E. Wilen, Rosemarie Jergovic


Report on the Dakar Meeting of International River Commissions         441
Robert D. Hayton


Environmental Water Law          451
Judi Schrandt

D.C. Circuit Broadly Extends NEPA Coverage for Nuclear Power Plant Accidents          459
Susan B. Rush

Montana Grizzly Bears Protest Exploratory Drilling in Wilderness Area         467
James P. Bieg

Oil and Gas—Offshore Leasing         479
Carol Ritchie

State Fish and Game Regulations Do Not Apply on Tribally Owned Reservation Land        487
Jonathan Landis Jantzen


Coping With Rapid Growth in Rural Communities, Bruce A. Weber and Robert E. Howell, Eds.          503
Frederick H. Buttel

Water: The Nature, Uses, and Future of Our Most Precious and Abused Resource, Fred Powledge          505
Nathaniel Wollman

North Sea Oil: An Environment Interface, David Fischer         506
Paul Milner

Conflicts Over Resource Ownership: The Use of Public Policy by Private Interests, Albert M. Church         508
Channing Kury

Cost-Benefit Analysis and Environmental Regulations, Daniel Swartzman, Richard Liroff, and Kevin Croke         509
Helen Ingram

Books Received       512