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October 1983, Vol. 23, No. 4

Front Matter


Economics and the Determination of Indian Reserved Water Rights        749
David S. Brookshire, James E. Merrill, Gary L. Watts

Routes and Roadblocks: State Controls on Hazardous Waste Imports         767
Jonathan T. Cain

The Site Specific Nature of Geothermal Energy: Its Effects on Land Use Planning         795
Michael J. Pasqualetti

Improving the Efficiency of Federal Timber Sale Procedures         815
Dennis D. Muraoka, Richard B. Watson

Backdoor Cost-Benefit Analysis Under a Safety-First Clean Air Act        827
David W. Barnes

The Structure of International Steam Coal Markets         859
David S. Abbey, Charles D. Kolstad

Costs and Benefits of Federal Regulation of Coal Strip Mining         893
Joseph P. Kalt


Environmental Law—Atomic Energy Act          917
Stephen Bennett

Water Law—Sporhase v. Nebraska          923
Mary Ann Green

Natural Resources—Constitutional Law         933
Celia Jorgensen


The Individual vs. the Public Interest: Political Ideology and National Forest Policy, Richard M. Alston          941
Hanna J. Cortner

World Climate Change: The Role of International Law and Institutions, Ved P. Nanda, Ed.           943
James N. Corbridge, Jr.

Energy Future, R. Stobaugh and D. Yergin, Eds.        946
Marilyn C. O'Leary

Managing Air Quality and Scenic Resources at National Parks and Wilderness Areas, Robert D. Rowe and Lorraine G. Chestnut, Eds.         948
David S. Brookshire

Borderlands Sourcebook, E. R. Stoddard, R. L. Nostrand, and J. P. Smith, Eds.         950
Roger L. Eldridge

Books Received         953

Index—Volume 23    955