January 1984, Vol. 24, No. 1

Front Matter


Oceanic Pollution and the Southern Ocean: Rethinking the International Legal Implications for Antarctica        1
Christopher C. Joyner

Oil Pollution Caused by Tanker Accidents: Liability versus Regulation         41
Volkmar J. Hartje

Toward a Theory of Broad-based Planning for the Preservation of Agricultural Land          61
Myrl L. Duncan

Water Requirements for Coal-fired Power Plants          137
Norman L. Dalsted, John W. Green

Legislation on Domestic and Industrial Uses of Water: A Comparative Review          143
Stefano Burchi

Mixing Water and the Commerce Clause: The Problems of Practice, Precedent and Policy in Sporhase v. Nebraska          161
Philip M. Barnett


Non-Lease Agreements Available for Indian Mineral Development          195
Antoinette J. Houle

United States Supreme Court Upholds Indiana Mineral Lapse Statute          203
Timothy L. Garcia

Commerce Clause Curbs State Control of Interstate Use of Groundwater: City of El Paso v. Reynolds          213
Sharon P. Gross

Status of Mining Claims Within the National Rivers of the United States         221
Daniel Viramontes

Water Law          229
George Eichwald

National Environmental Policy Act—Destruction of Buildings on the National Register          235
Jack N. Hardwick

Recent Developments—Cases, Legislation, and Articles          247
Edward L. Hand, Celia Jorgenson


Natural Resources: Bureaucratic Myths and Environmental Management, R. Stroup and J. Baden          255
Paul B. Sears

The Economics and Politics of Oil Price Regulation, Joseph P. Kalt          257
James W. McKie

Foreign Investment in Mining Projects, Raymond F. Mikesell          259
Albert M. Church

International Energy Markets, Paul Tempest, Ed.          261
Stephen L. McDonald

Books Received          264