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July 1984, Vol. 24, No. 3

Front Matter


Developments in British Environmental Law        511
D. G. T. Williams

Environmental Protection in Italy: The Emerging Concept of a Right to a Healthful Environment        535
Salvatore Patti

The Assurance of Reasonable Toxic Risk?         549
Jay B. Sorenson

Phosphate in the Forest: Mandated or Precluded by the Mineral Leasing Act         571
H. Alan Pell

Farmland Preservation Policy and Programs        591
Jerome G. Rose

Centralized Decisionmaking in the Administration of Groundwater Rights: The Experience of Arizona, California, and New Mexico, and Suggestions for the Future         641
Zachary A. Smith

The Impact of Recent Court Decisions Concerning Water and Interstate Commerce on Water Resources in the State of New Mexico         689
New Mexico Governor's Water Law Study Committee


The 1977 Procedural Amendments to the Clean Air Act—Have They Made a Difference?          745
Eileen Paez

Preemption—Atomic Energy          761
Karla Ojanen

Federal Government Held Accountable for Damages on Theory of Breach of Trust       783
Antoinette G. Houle

Sixth Circuit Interprets "Agent" Under Surface Mining Act         801
Mary Lou Mansell

Water Law—Public Trust Doctrine         809
Ellen Sullivan Casey


The Ethics of Environmental Concern, Robin Attfield          827
Eugene C. Hargrove

Four Leagues of Pecos: A Legal History of the Pecos Grant 1800-1933, G. Emlen Hall         831
Fred L. Ragsdale, Jr.

Oil Shock: Policy Response and Implementation, A. J. Alm and R. J. Weiner, Eds.         834
Helmut J. Frank

Books Received         836