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October 1984, Vol. 24, No. 4

Front Matter


Garrison Diversion: Constraints on Conflict Resolution        839
Lynton K. Caldwell

Economic Analysis of Illinois' New Hazardous Waste Law         865
J. Lon Carlson, Gary V. Johnson, Tom S. Ulen

Surface Rights in Artificial Watercourses         887
James N. Corbridge, Jr.

Pollution Control by Effluent Charges: It Works in the Federal Republic of Germany, Why Not in the United States?        929
Gardner M. Brown, Jr., Ralph W. Johnson

Radioactive Wastes         967
John W. Kindt

Information for State Groundwater Quality Policymaking         1015
Rebecca S. Roberts, L. Mathis Butler

Managing River Systems: Centralization vs. Decentralization        1043
Philip R. Wandschneider


The Continuing Saga of Pyramid Lake: Nevada v. United States          1067
William C. Scott

Definitional Loopholes Limit New Mexico Counties' Authority to Regulate Subdivisions          1083
Amy Landau

Theories of State Recovery Under CERCLA for Injuries to the Environment         1101
Susan Zeller, Lisa Burke

Alaska Could Not Impose In-state Processing Requirement on the Sale of State-owned Timber         1117
Christopher B. Behling

Outer Continental Shelf Leasing Policy Prevails over the California Coastal Commission           1133
David D. Rathgeber

Recent Developments          1147
S. Gregory Jones, Ed.


Japan and the New Ocean Regime, R. L. Friedham, G. 0. Totten, H. Fukui, et al.          1149
George S. Robinson

Speer's Digest of Toxic Substances State Law 1983-84, R. D. Speer and G. A. Bulanowski, Eds.         1152
Roger L. Eldridge

Communication and Behavior of Whales, Roger Payne, Ed.         1154
Stephen O. Andersen

Selling the Federal Forests, Adrien E. Gamache, Ed.         1156
Dennis D. Muraoka

The Politics of Mineral Resource Development in Antarctica: Alternative Regimes for the Future, William E. Westermeyer         1158
Christopher C. Joyner

Books Received         1161

Index—Volume 48    1163