January 1985, Vol. 25, No. 1

Front Matter


Michael Allan Wolf, Coordinating Editor

Recollections of the Origins of the Natural Resources Journal        1
Robert Emmet Clark

Accommodating Tensions in the Coastal Zone: An Introduction and Overview        7
Michael Allan Wolf

The Coastal Zone Management Act: A Protective Mandate         21
Sarah Chasis

Intergovernmental Relationships in Coastal Land Management         31
Gilbert L. Finnell, Jr.

Florida's Struggle for Approval Under the Coastal Zone Management Act         61
Daniel W. O'Connell

CZM From the State Perspective: The New Jersey Experience         73
David N. Kinsey

CZM in California, Oregon, and Washington         103
Richard G. Hildreth, Ralph W. Johnson

Existing Institutional Arrangements and Implications for Management of Tokyo Bay        167
Kazuo Sumi, Ken Hanayama

Environmental Management of the Malacca/Singapore Straits: Legal and Institutional Issues         195
Mark J. Valencia, Abu Bakar Jaafar

Environmental Management in a North Sea Coastal Zone: Law, Institutions, and Policy        233
Lakshman Guruswamy

Recent Developments        243
NRJ Staff


Beyond Dumping: New Strategies for Controlling Toxic Contamination, Bruce Piasecki, ed.          249
Allen V. Kneese

Pueblo Indian Water Rights: Struggle for a Precious Resource, by Charles T. DuMars, Marilyn O'Leary, and Albert E. Utton          252
Michael C. Meyer

International Environmental Policy: Emergence and Dimensions, by Lynton K. Caldwell          254
Kent A. Price

Land Reform, American Style, Charles C. Geisler and Frank Popper, eds.          257
Norman Wengert

Developing Strategies for Rangeland Management: A Report Prepared by the Committee on Developing Strategies for Rangeland Management, National Research Council          260
Marion Clawson

Books Received          264