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April 1985, Vol. 25, No. 2

Front Matter


Turgot's Brief on Mines and Quaries: An Early Economic Analysis of Mineral Land Tenure        267
Philippe J. Crabbe

Federal Management of Forests and Marine Fisheries: A Comparative Analysis of Renewable Resource Management         275
Richard P. Gale

A Marine Sanctuary in the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands: An Idea Whose Time Has Come         317
Craig S. Harrison

The Making of Federal Coal Policy: Lessons for Public Lands Management From a Failed Program, an Essay and Review         349
A. Dan Tarlock

A Public Corporation Model for Federal Forest Land Management         373
Dennis E. Teeguarden, David Thomas

Promoting Economic Incentives for Environmental Protection in the Surface Mining Control and Reclamation Act of 1977: An Analysis of the Design and Implementation of Reclamation Performance Bonds         389
Barbara S. Webber, David J. Webber

The Drilling Gap in Non-OPEC Developing Countries: The Role of Contractual and Fiscal Arrangements         415
Harry G. Broadman, Joy Dunkerley

Sociobiology and the California Public Trust Doctrine: The New Synthesis Applied         429
David J. Maleski


National Security and the National Environmental Policy Act (Note)          467
Don Bruckner

Sixth Circuit Narrows Definition of "Wetlands" for Purposes of Corps of Engineers' Jurisdiction (Note)          480
Cheryl Jones

NEPA's Worst Case Analysis Requirement: Cornerstone or Stumbling Block (Note)       495
Diane P. Donaghy

State Immunity from the Dormant Commerce Clause: Extension of the Market-Participant Doctrine from State Purchase and Sale of Goods and Services to Natural Resources (Comment)         515
Stephanie Landry

Recent Developments         547
NRJ Staff


Water in the Hispanic Southwest: A Social and Legal History, 1550-1850, by Michael C. Meyer          551
G. Emlen Hall

Environment and Enforcement: Regulation and the Social Definition of Pollution, by Keith Hawkins          553
Wesley D. Seitz

Decade of Change: The Remaking of Forest Service Statutory Authority During the 1970s, by Dennis C. LeMaster         555
Marion C. Clawson

A Killing Rain: The Global Threat of Acid Precipitation, by Thomas Pawlick         558
Karen A. Mingst, Robert Stauffer

Books Received         560