Winter 1986, Vol. 26, No. 1

Front Matter


Managing Fisheries in Developing Nations: A Plea for Appropriate Developments       1
Dean E. Cycon

Constraints to Expanded Food Production: A North American Perspective         15
John T. Pierce, Owen J. Furuseth

The "Hammer" Clause of the Reclamation Reform Act of 1982         41
Ray G. Huffaker, B. Delworth Gardner

Improving the Efficiency of Federal Timber Sale Procedures: An Update         69
Dennis D. Muraoka, Richard B. Watson

Project Benefits and Costs from National and Regional Viewpoints: Methodological Issues and Case Study of the Colorado-Big Thompson Project         77
Charles W. Howe

Competition in Outer Shelf Oil and Gas Lease Auctions: A Statistical Analysis of Winning Bids         95
Walter J. Mead, Asbjorn Moesidjord, Philip E. Sorensen

Departure from the Surface Destruction Test for the Allocation of "Other Minerals" in Texas         113
Giffen H. Ott

Integrating Drought Planning Into Water Resources Management         141
Margaret S. Hrezo, Phyllis G. Bridgeman, William R. Walker


Wilson v. Block (Note)        169
Mary H. Smith

On-Reservation Treaty Hunting Rights: Abrogation v. Regulation by Federal Conservation—What Standard? (Note)          187
Jana L. Walker


The Politics of Food, by Joel Solkoff          197
Owen J. Furuseth

Books Received          200