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Spring 1986, Vol. 26, No. 2

Front Matter

W. R. Derrick Sewell, Coordinating Editor
Paul D. McHugh and Helen Rucker, Special Issue Editors


"Getting to Yes" in United States—Canadian Water Disputes        201
W. R. Derrick Sewell, Albert E. Utton

Water Resources Management as an Issue in Environmental Diplomacy         207
John E. Carroll

Preconditions to Cooperation in Canada-United States Boundary Waters         221
David G. LeMarquand

The Columbia River Treaty—Where Do We Go From Here?         243
Neil A. Swainson

The Skagit-High Ross Dam Controversy: Negotiation and Settlement         261
Jackie K. Kirn, Marion Marts

The Great Lakes 1955-1985         291
Leonard B. Dworsky

The Canadian-American Problem of Acid Rain         337
Anthony Scott

The Management of Canada-U.S. Boundary Waters: Retrospect and Prospect         359
Barry Sadler


Reformation of the Burden of Proof (Note)          377
Deborah Wollen


How to Create a Water Crisis, by Frank Welsh          391
William J. Lloyd

Public Domain, Private Dominion: A History of Public Mineral Policy in America, by C. J. Mayer and G. A. Rile          395
Barbara S. Webber

Progress in Natural Resources Economics, Anthony Scott, Editor         399
F. J. Anderson

Books Received         402