Summer 1986, Vol. 26, No. 3

Front Matter


Binational Uses of Transboundary Air Resources: The International Entitlement Issue Reconsidered        405
Günther Handl

An Economic Analysis of Oklahoma's Oil and Gas Forced Pooling Law         469
Larry S. Eubanks, Michael J. Mueller

Science vs. the Grass Roots: Representation in the Bureau of Land Management        493
Dorotha M. Bradley, Helen M. Ingram

Options for Financing Acid Rain Controls         519
James L. Regens, Robert W. Rycroft

Federal Environmental Regulation in Canada         551
Peter N. Nemetz


The Migratory Bird Treaty Act—Protecting Wildlife on Our National Refuges (Comment)          609
Betsy Vencil

The Statute of Limitations for Radiation Injuries: Maughan v. SW Servicing, Inc. (Note)         629
Susan H. Biernacki


State and Local Taxation of Natural Resources in the Federal System, by Walter Hellerstein          643
Scott A. Taylor

Irredeemable America: The Indian's Estate and Land Claim, Imre Sutton, Ed.          647
Fred L. Ragsdale, Jr.

Integrated Energy Planning, Y. El Mahgary and A. K. Biswas, Eds.         649
W. A. Gross

Variability and Management of Large Marine Ecosystems, K. Sherman and L. M. Alexander, Eds.         653
Richard Frye

Books Received         655