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Fall 1986, Vol. 26, No. 4

Front Matter


Will R. Knedlik, Coordinating Editor
Paul D. McHugh and Helen Rucker, Special Issue Editors

Editorial        659
A. Dan Tarlock

Introduction to U.S.-Mexico Transboundary Resource Issues        661
Will R. Knedlik

Transboundary Resources: A View from Mexico        669
Alberto Székely

Hydrocarbon Deposits of the Border Region Between Mexico and the United States: A Preliminary Report         695
Carmen Pedrazzini, Joaquin Teyssier

Energy on the U.S.-Mexico Border         711
Ross Shipman

On an Institutional Arrangement for Developing Oil and Gas in the Gulf of Mexico         717
Albert E. Utton, Paul D. McHugh

The International Law of Submarine Transboundary Hydrocarbon Resources: Legal Limits to Behavior and Experiences in the Gulf of Mexico         733
Alberto Székely

Conflictual Interdependence: United States-Mexican Relations on Fishery Resources         769
Biliana Cicin-Sain, Michael K. Orbach, Stephen J. Sellers, Enrique Manzanilla

Transboundary Environmental Problem Solving: Social Process, Cultural Perception         793
Joseph Nalven

The Congress of the United Mexican States Decrees Federal Act Relating to the Sea         819

Transboundary Oil and Gas-Selected Bibliography         833
Alberto Székely


Regulation of Electric Utilities and Affiliated Coal Companies—Determining Reasonable Expenses (Comment)         851
Jane Marx

Texas Groundwater Legislation: Conservation of Groundwater or Drought by Process (Note)          871
Bonnie M. Stepleton

Locke v. U.S., Due Process and Conclusive Presumptions of Mining Claims Forfeiture: Claimants Locked Out (Note)        883
David L. Skinner


New Courses for the Colorado River, Gary Weatherford and F. Lee Brown, eds.          899
Roger Eldridge

Pacific Shift, by William Irwin Thompson          903
Michael D. McGuire

Environmental Law and American Business: Dilemmas of Compliance, by Joseph F. DiMento         906
Paulette L. Stenzel

Managing Natural Resources in a Federal State, J. Owen Saunders, ed.        909
Albert E. Utton

Scarce Water and Institutional Change, K. D. Frederick, ed.         912
Susan Christopher Nunn

Books Received         915

Index—Volume 26    917