Winter 1987, Vol. 27, No. 1

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Dedication—Helen Rucker- 1922-1987    
NRJ Staff

Editorial        1
Maurice F. Strong

Project Benefits and Costs from National and Regional Viewpoints: Methodological Issues and Case Study of the Colorado—Big Thompson Project         5
Charles W. Howe

International Control of Cross-Media Pollution—An Ecosystem Approach        21
Ludwik A. Teclaff, Eileen Teclaff

United States Foreign Policy and the Conservation of Natural Resources: The Case of Tropical Deforestation        55
Robert C. Stowe

Financing Superfund: An Evaluation of Alternative Tax Mechanisms        103
J. Lon Carlson, Charles W. Bausell, Jr.

Public Participation and Natural Resource Decision-Making: The Case of the RARE II Decisions        123
Paul Mohai

The Global Environment: A Proposal to Eliminate Marine Oil Pollution        157
Bill Shaw, Brenda J. Winslett, Frank B. Cross

Identifying Appropriate Institutions for Efficient Use of Common Pools        187
David Goetze

Regulatory Enforcement of the Surface Mine Control and Reclamation Act of 1977, PL 95/87: A Compliance in Three Midwestern States        201
B. Thomas Lowe


The Federal Power Act and Western Water Law—Can States Maintain Their Own Water Use Priorities?(Comment)   213
Betsy Vencill


Natural Resources and People: Conceptual Issues and Interdisciplinary Research           235
Randy T. Simmons

Unitization of Oil and Gas Fields in Texas: A Study of Legislative, Administrative, and Judicial Policies          237
Larry S. Eubanks

Books Received         241