Summer 1988, Vol. 28, No. 3

Front Matter


Commentary        427
Ambassador Richard E. Benedick

State Government Officials' Role in U.S./Mexico Transboundary Resource Issues         431
Helen M. Ingram

The Conservation and Disposal of Ocean Hard Minerals: A Comparison of Ocean Codes in the United States         451
Porter Hoagland III

Assessing Liability for Damages under CERCLA: A New Approach for Providing Incentives for Pollution Avoidance?         509
Thomas A. Grigalunas, James J. Opaluch

Pueblo Water Rights in New Mexico         535
Anastasia S. Stevens


Where is the Supreme Court Heading in its Taking Analysis and What Impact Will this Direction have on Municipalities? (Comment)         585
Lane Horder

Rights to Trial by Jury in an Action for Civil Penalties and Injunctive Relief under the Clean Water Act  (Note)      607
Barbara Lah

Amoco v. Gambell: Aboriginal Rights on the Outer Continental Shelf: Reopening Alaska Native Claims  (Note)        623
Bruce L. Brown


Mining Law           637
Em Hall

Review of American's Future in Toxic Waste Management: Lessons from Europe          640
Allen V. Kneese

Books Received          643