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Fall 1988, Vol. 28, No. 4

Front Matter


The State and the Management of International Drainage Basins in Africa        645
C. O. Okidi

Legal Aspects of the Niger River Under the Niamey Treaties         671
Tiyanjana Maluwa

Problems and Policy for Pesticide Exports to Less Developed Countries         699
Raymond Hill

Economic Impacts of Water Law—State Law and Water Market Development in the Southwest         721
Bonnie G. Colby

Evolving Water Institutions in England and Wales: An Assessment of Two Decades of Experience        751
Dennis J. Parker, W. R. Derrick Sewell

The Air and Water Quality Laws of Mexico: An Historical and Legal Analysis         787
Charles T. DuMars, Salvador M. Beltran del Rio

Fundamental Issues in Natural Resource Damage Assessment         815
Richard Carson, Peter Navarro

On Mandatory Deposits, Fines and the Control of Litter         837
Dwight R. Lee, Philip E. Graves, Robert L. Sexton


"Breach" of an Interstate Water Compact: Texas v. New Mexico   (Note)       849
C. Benson Crossland

Preemption of Private Remedies in Interstate Water Pollution Disputes: International Paper Company v. Oullette  (Comment)        863
Stacey Goodwin

State Control of Mining on Federal Land: Environmental or Land Use Regulation? (Note)         873
Renee Alee Black


Air Pollution          883
Ruth L. Kovnat

Water Law in Historical Perspective          885
Albert E. Utton

Books Received        888

Index—Volume 28    889