Winter 1989, Vol. 29, No. 1

Wilderness: Past, Present, and Future
W. R. Derrick Sewell and Philip Dearden, Coordinating Editors

Obituary          x
Harold D. Foster

Introduction—W. R. D. Sewell and Wilderness          1
Philip Dearden

Beyond the Campfire's Light: Historical Roots of the Wilderness Concept          9
George H. Stankey

The Nature of America: Visions and Revisions of Wilderness          25
Robert E. Manning

A Look at Wilderness Use and Users in Transition          41
Robert C. Lucas

The Status of Wilderness: An International Overview          57
Harold K. Eidsvik

Wilderness in Canada: Past, Present, Future          83
J. Gordon Nelson

Wilderness Conservation in Australia: Eight Governments in Search of a Policy          103
Bruce Davis

Derrick Sewell and the Wilderness Advisory Committee in British Columbia          115
Jon O'Riordan

The Dispute over the Franklin River and Southwest Wilderness Area in Tasmania, Australia          129
Aynsley Kellow

Wilderness Decisionmaking and the Role of the Environmental Interest Groups          147
W. R. Derrick Sewell (posthumously), Philip Dearden, and John Dumbrell

Wilderness in Kakadu National Park: Aboriginal and Other Interests          171
Graham A. Yapp

National Parks, Wilderness Preservation and Native Peoples in Northern Canada          185
Barry Sadler

Wilderness and Our Common Future          205
Philip Dearden

Student Writings
Recent Developments in the El Paso/New Mexico Interstate Groundwater Controversy—The Constitutionality of New Mexico's New Municipality Water Planning Statute          223
Nancy Hetrick

Pueblo Indian Water Rights: Overview and Update on the Aamodt Litigation          251
Ed Newville

Just Compensation for a Taking-Fractional Interests Escheated from Tribal Members to the Tribe, Hodel v. Irving, — U.S.—, 107 S.Ct. 2079 (1987)          279
Manuel Lucero

Maine v. Taylor: Natural Resource Statutes Against the Commerce Clause, or When is a Hughes not a Hughes but a Pike?          291
D. Lee Shields

Life Between the Lakes: A Student's Perspective of a Summer Internship          303
Christopher R. Johnson
Student Editorial

Book Reviews
Land Rites and Wrongs: The Management, Regulation and Use of Land in Canada and the United States          307
Norman Wengert

World Mineral Exploration: Trends and Economic Issues          309
Albert M. Church

Land Use          312
Antoinette Sedillo Lopez

Guided Tour through Natural Resources and Environmental Economics in the New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics          313
P. J. Crabbé

Books Received    320

To Commemorate the 25th Anniversary of the Wilderness Act of 1964          322
Senator Pete V. Domenici

S.J. Res. 67          324